© The Riker Brothers

© The Riker Brothers

Hi! I’m Jason! Thank you so much for stopping by. Gosh, where do I start? Well, I came to Los Angeles by way of Hawaii. I like to tell people that I took the scenic route here since I spent some time growing and learning more about myself while working for Uncle Sam (USCG | ARNG). Yep, that’s right. I am a veteran. It took me a long while to own up to it, and it is still tough sometimes, but it’s who I am and there is no changing it.

Since landing in Los Angeles, I hit the boots running as they say. I completed my formal theatre training at the esteemed American Academy of Dramatic Arts graduating with my Associate of Arts in Theatre. Later, I would complete my B.A. in Business & Social Entrepreneurship at Antioch University.

From there I would go on to collaborate with fellow alumni Brandon Cater to form the comedy troupe The Beans wherein we would hone our sketch comedy skills — bringing to audiences, off-kilter shorts on the streaming website: Funny Or Die.

My journey would take me to both in front of the camera and behind, further developing myself as a well-rounded artist. You see, I never wanted to be “just an actor.” We have too many of those in this town and besides, current technology, artists are now empowered to produce their own content–I highly recommend it.

Getting back on track, I have had the fortunate experience to work on some wonderful productions and meet some wonderful people along the way. From the Emmys to the Oscars to the Spike TV Video Game Awards (shout-outs to Deadmau5 and Dan Auerbach & Patrick Carney!) to the People’s Choice Awards and the Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser drive.

Independent film is where my heart lies even though I was a member of the Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society; a great organization for those who want to segue into television–these up and coming cats know their television! I would eventually cut

Neighbors poster

my teeth in the art department working on the film Enter the Dangerous Mind, directed by Youssef Delara & Victor Teran, and stars Nikki Reed, Jake Hoffman, Gina Rodriguez, Jason Priestley, and Scott Bakula. I would also go on to collaborate with the wonderful Rachel Goldberg as her assistant on the award-winning short film Neighbors (Kelli Garner & Edi Gathegi) and again as the unit production manager on another award-winning short, Rosita Lopez for President (Daniela Bobadilla and Charles Robinson) love you Rachel!

All of these experiences and mucking through the trenches (we all have to pay our dues) have paved the way to allow me to don the producer’s hat again in a more official capacity.

Guys Reading Poems One Sheet - Design by: Chris Friend of Vision Friend

This would be made possible when meeting and eventually collaborating with the talented and visionary artist, Hunter Lee Hughes and coming onboard as producer and then chief information officer for Fatelink Productions, to complete the hit comedy series Dumbass Filmmakers! This would lead on to bigger and greater things like our noir feature film Guys Reading Poems (dir. Hunter Lee Hughes) which we are very excited about its release. The film stars Patricia Velasquez, Alexander Dreymon, Lydia Hearst, Rex Lee, Luke Judy, and Christos Vasilopoulos to name a few and is lensed by the talented Michael Marius Pessah.

Well, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell and where I stand at the moment. Oh, and along the way I made it into SAG-AFTRA and Equity so I am good to go on those two fronts.

Additionally, I opened for a stage performance at the Geffen Playhouse as part of a writing and performance fellowship for veterans a also completed a directing and producing fellowship with LACMA that I was honored to be a part of. In the midst of all this I was auditioning for some strong projects in which I had the privilege to be considered for the opportunity.

So, many thanks to all who have been a tremendous help to me along the way — you know who you are!

I’ll be back to add more as things further develop along the way.