Not Your Ordinary Poetry Reading

When I explain Guys Reading Poems to people I tell like this, “A black & white dramatic noir told through poetry.” That usually grabs their attention. You see, when you hear the words Guys Reading Poems you think of your run-of-the-mill poetry reading/recital. No. This is anything but normal.

Still Image from

Gopal Divan in “Guys Reading Poems.” Photo by M. Pessah

When you take the style of cinematographer Michael Marius Pessah and combine with the likes of visionary artist Hunter Lee Hughes, you end up with a unique project. We’ve managed to raise $7.2k thus far, and we’re seeking to raise the rest of the $40k by April 18th.

Support comes in the form of pledges and through spreading the word. So feel free to test drive our trailer, kick the tires a bit, and lend us a helping hand. As we can attest, every little bit counts. Progress can be made for as little as the price of an espresso. What do you say?

Press Release available here.