Found Footage: “Danger Dolls” Video Drops

Director Kern Saxton cuts an extended trailer for the film Danger Dolls—a film thought to be lost forever.

Meet the DANGER DOLLS, once again deployed to defeat the evil exploits of fiendish supervillain Dr. Helmut Hellberg as he tries for the umpteenth time to take over the world!

In early 1972, filmmaker Abe Mogul had a simple idea – hot girls kicking ass in (semi) exotic locations. With nothing more than a dream, a whopping budget of almost $7,700, and exploding tequila, he started shooting his vision for the never-completed, now-classic B movie “Danger Dolls.”

Interviews with cast and crew reveal that during editing, Abe and the studio had creative differences (involving just how much cleavage should be shown while in the midst of a shark attack) and Abe and the master reels disappeared. While grainy film snippets and rare publicity shots could be found sporadically on the internet, the film was sadly thought lost forever… until now.

Cut to present day: Director Kern Saxton recently found several reels believed to contain original footage from the “Danger Dolls” movie shoot. Meticulously working around missing scenes, out of focus shots, and brittle film, Kern is now piecing together this rare classic!

Teaming up with pop music superstars Red Velvet Ray Gun on the soundtrack’s title song, here then is the trailer for the soon-to-be-released thriller “Danger Dolls” – enjoy!

P.S. Legend has it, Abe had even shot rough footage for more Danger Dolls sequels (including “Danger Dolls 2: Double D,” “Danger Dolls 3D” and “Danger Danger, Disco Dolls”). Kern is still going through piles of rare footage. Stay tuned…

Download “Danger Dolls” and other Ret Velvet Ray Gun songs at iTunes and CDbaby:

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    • I think that’s what makes it so wonderful. A throwback to the films of the 70’s and 80’s with all its glory and campiness. Thank you for the comment!


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