I have worked with the DWW program before and I love what the program is doing to empower women in film. The talent is often fantastic and the women involved in these projects certainly raise the bar. So, if you would like to get involved, my friend is currently on the producing team and is looking for help. Even if extras is not your thing they may be able to use you in other capacities.

From the Producer:

It would be for approx 6-8 hours on Friday 7/18  at


2021 North Western Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

I don’t have the exact call time yet but it will be during the day.

Here is the logline, synopsis and some links about the project:

Logline: A genderqueer widow carries a child using their her wife’s egg, creating a family that will forever link her to the love of her life.


Ma/ddy is a dark comic short film exploring Skylar Murphy’s decision to become a single parent. Skylar Murphy, 35, identifies as a genderqueer butch, generally passes as a dude and causes some degree of commotion in 90% of women’s restrooms. When her wife Katie is killed in an accident, Skylar inherits her cryopreserved embryos and decides to carry the child that will forever link her to the love of her life. At the core, Ma/ddy is a film about facing grief through enduring love and the obstacles Skylar must overcome to create the family she’s always dreamed of.

Website for Ma/ddy: http://www.creativedistrict.com/#/project/2221/

Link to video teaser:

Jill Soloway’s Write-up for Ma/ddy