Excuse me sir, do you have the time?

It’s the nature of the beast: Time for productions are a blessing and a curse–and I get it.

Tough decisions are made by production staff everyday. At times little miracles occur while, at other times sacrifices have to be made in order for production to survive.

Sometimes, this means budgets are constrained or locations changed. Other times re-writes are in order and entire scenes or characters re-worked–even scrapped altogether.

This is the nature of the business and part of the process. It may seem unfair or targeted, but at the end of the day it comes down to making your shots and coming in at or under budget.

I remember a production I had worked wherein, an entire scene ended up on the cutting room floor. I will never forget the actor’s faces when they saw the final cut; the pain in their eyes to see their hard work and efforts gone–never to see the light of day. They were young, fresh out of conservatory, and busted their tails off all day for their scene. It was a tough call, but our requirements were strict and we had to complete the film in under the cutoff length. I will never forget their stifled looks…

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