Luke Judy in

Luke Judy in “Guys Reading Poems”
Photo by: Michael Marius Pessah

The time is now. Our neo-noir film Guys Reading Poems has been a long time in the making, but we are that much closer to the end. So what happens now?

We are working our strategy plan for the festival circuit and working hard to make some deals happen in the meantime so that we can make our debut with a splash. We remain optimistic considering we have a special film that hasn’t seen anything like it before and we are excited to share our project with the world!

What is tough is that the future is fraught with the unknown. As filmmakers we can try to hedge our bets the best we can for certain festivals, but in the end we can only hope for the best. For those who have been down this road before, you understand the challenges that lie ahead. For those who are not familiar with the process, this is the time where we work to make our debut. Whether that includes a distribution deal prior to our world premiere is still up for grabs. We are also looking at the educational system and art worlds to see where we might fit in terms of an audience and generating awareness for the film. We shall see as time will tell. Stay tuned and don’t change that channel!

Where or how would you like to see Guys Reading Poems? Throw your ideas down in the comments below!

Guys Reading Poems One Sheet - Design by: Chris Friend of Vision Friend

Design by: Chris Friend of Vision Friend

Written & Directed by: Hunter Lee Hughes
Produced by: Debbie Vandermuelen, Hunter Lee Hughes, & Jason Fracaro
Cinematography by: Michael Marius Pessah
Stars: Patricia Velásquez, Alexander Dreymon, Lydia Hearst, & Rex Lee
Edited by: Patrick Kennelly
Runtime: 98 minutes