Group photo of the cast in Among Us: Everyday Heroes | Geffen PlayhouseWe were truly blessed and spoiled with our audience last night. We had a great show at the Geffen Playhouse with a wonderful response from the audience. The feedback and energy helped fuel our show and set the mood for the evening. Thank you to everyone who came to support! Genuinely appreciated. Much love to you all!!

I also want to say thanks to our ensemble cast. The magic was in seeing everyone’s process and growth throughout the fellowship. I am honored to have shared the stage with each and everyone one of you.

  • James Bane
  • Hermie Castillo
  • Rebecca Chavarria
  • Shannon Corbeil
  • Y’dhanna Daniels 
  • Thomas F. Evans
  • Leon Farmer 
  • Maricela Guzman
  • John J. Pistone
  • Jeff Prater 
  • Trevor Scott
  • Max Thayer
  • Thomas Tucket
  • David Yoder

Lastly, a huge thanks to April Fitzsimmons, Jennifer Zakkai, Carolyn Marie Wright, Kristen Smith, Kristen Osborn, and Corey Lovett for putting all of this together and for making us look good!

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