This time I am happy to report that I have been accepted into another filmmaking program hosted by LACMA which will start up here in a few days time.


LACMA has partnered up with the Los Angeles Public library to host Veterans Make Movies, a “three–year initiative” consisting of classes and workshops. The program is aimed at giving veterans a voice and platform to create works of art as means of expression and as an outlet.

Programs like Veterans Make Movies, and that of my recently completed fellowship at the Geffen Playhouse, are integral at helping veterans reintegrate into society and make sense of their experiences while having have served in the armed services.

From my personal experience, these types of programs have helped me in tremendous ways; growing not only as an artist, but also as an individual. Thus, furthering knowledge of myself and defining my voice as an artist. Stay tuned for more developments as I progress through the program! Semper paratus.