You Can Call Me Eve

Had the opportunity to read for Wil Bowers who is producing an amazing production that will be coming to the Write Act Repertory in late November.

The play was written by Michael Coulombe set in the 80’s and chronicles the family of character Rosa who, early on, we come to find will metamorphosis into Eve.

The play deals with morals, relationships, homosexuality, and the onset of the AIDS epidemic. Truly touching. With the right cast I think this has the opportunity to be a strong piece. Can’t wait to see it on its feet come November.

Callback for Sony NEX 5

Today we had the callbacks for the Sony NEX 5 commercial and I can say that it was indeed very fun. We had the director there and the producers there as well. Received some notes and was able to carry them out on the subsequent takes. I was also asked to stay for a second reading with the next group of cheerleaders which were a blast as well. I wish all my fellow actors a merry break-a-leg!