“A Ticket Across the Ocean” Is Live!!

Well the hard work has paid off and here are the fruits of our labor. Director Christopher Courtner came up with the concept wherein he teamed up with musician Kyle Woolard to flesh out the music.

Special thanks to Mauricio Arrioja & Douglas Hearns for making this shoot happen!

Shout outs to cinematographer Nathaniel Krause for capturing us at our best, Brittany Lauren for being a wonderful scene partner to work with, Jessica Sinclair for making us look pretty and Libby Jonas for stepping in when Jessica wasn’t around. And many thanks to the rest of the crew for giving us your all!

Want to support the project? Share the video, but even better, pick up the track for yourself or gift it to a friend or special someone! Heck it’s cheaper than a pack of gum!

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Danger Dolls Music Video

And we’re on for tomorrow’s shoot! It will be good to see some familiar faces and working with new ones.

The video will be produced by Eric Ro who is a Co-Founder and Producer for Northern Five EntertainmentKern Saxton who you would know from his film Sushi Girl will be directing. The video will star James Duval (Donny Darko), Andy Mackenzie (True Blood), Mara Marini (Parks and Recreation), Cooper Harris (The Young and the Restless), and Marcy Kelly (Life is Short) to name a few.